About Us

Our story begins with a day at the beach and an aha moment.

After a long day swimming and playing in the sand, two families (and their four tired, sandy kids) were frustrated by the limitations of regular towels. Wet terrycloth towels just can't get you dry enough when you're covered in seawater and sand. Plus, they're not easy to shake out and the trapped sand can really damage your washing machine. There had to be a better beach towel solution.

So in 2022, Yaqamoz was founded with a mission to provide the most fashionable yet functional beach towels by partnering with the best manufacturers in the Aegean region of Turkey – the original home of the unique Turkish hammam towel.

Our brand celebrates the traditional artistry of Turkish cotton craftsmanship. Every item we offer – from spa towels to ponchos and throws – is lovingly made using 100% Turkish cotton.

Driven by our founders' passion for quality Turkish cotton products and making days at the beach easier, Yaqamoz brings you the softest, most absorbent, and fashionable beach towels and accessories. Our products are the perfect blend of form and function.